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Wax Pot Hair Removal Waxing Kit with LCD Digital Display for Professional & Home Use

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Quick Overview

  • PROFESSIONAL & HOME USE WAX MACHINE - The Wax melt burners suitable for both beauty professionals and home users. This wax warmer can achieve high-quality results in minutes in the comfort of your own home. The waxing kit compact size and lightweight design make it portable and easy to carry.

  • Digital LED Display WAX WARMERS: ES Traders waxing kits LED display shows instant temperature and set temperature with touch button technology. The wax burner also has a beep function when the beans reached to set temperature.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST WAX TYPES - This wax melt making kit is compatible with all types of wax including wax beads, hard wax, paraffin wax, warm wax, crème wax and strip wax for safe, efficient and easy hair removal.

  • ADVANCE HOT WAXING KIT WITH REMOVABLE POT: The hot wax kit has a 5 Layer protection removable non-stick pot which holds up to 500ml of wax and easy to clean.

  • REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR – It is the perfect wax kits for women and men. ES Traders wax heater is ideal for the bikini area, back, legs, arms, face, nose hair removal, eyebrows, armpits, beard and any other areas with unwanted hair.



Whether you’re trying the first time or professional our waxing kit can give you the smooth skin and the best experience. You will get the best waxing result with our top-quality wax beans ( Sold Separately).


Why chose waxing instead of shaving: Waxing swiftly pull hair from the root through repetitive tugs while shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. With Waxing after a few sessions’ hairs grow evenly and achieve a smoother look. But Es Traders Wax shrink-wraps the hair, pulling it out by the root, resulting in silky smooth skin that lasts 4x longer than shaving. Regrowth is slower, finer, and less noticeable.

Is It Painless? Hard wax is often called painless waxing. Pain tolerances vary, but many users rave about their comfort level with our flexible wax. Certain areas are more sensitive than others because you're pulling hair by the root, slight, and quick discomfort is normal. With continued waxing, you will experience less pain each time. Plus, your hair may appear to grow back slower and finer.

Es Traders Wax provides all types of professionals and home users with premium quality Waxing products. On top of that, it’s portable and can fit easily even into any small to medium size suitcase.

As compared to any other wax heater on the market, ours has a unique non-stick pot that is super easy to clean, helping you save time and money. Please use our top quality wax beans which will provide a smooth waxing experience and are less painful than strip wax and protect your skin from irritation and rashes, making the entire grooming process easier.


How To Apply Wax

1.Add the desired amount of waxing beans into a wax heater.

2. Use high temperature for the hard wax beans, then turn the heat down to medium and let it cool until it's ready to apply.

3.Apply wax on the desired area in direction of hair growth. Allow 30-45 seconds to harden. Use Es Traders wax Sticks for better results.

4.As soon as the wax isn't sticky to the touch, pull wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Non-Stick Pot

Our wax heater has a unique non-stick 500ML pot that is very easy to clean, helping you save time and money.

Brilliant features of this product


  • Digital Display Screen
  • Touch Button Temperature Control
  • Quick heat up
  • Smooth and Quick Waxing
  • Less irritation
  • Can be used on the Bikini Area, Face, Eyebrows, Armpits, Legs, and Arms.
  • 500ML Non-Stick Pot.
  • A ventilation cover can prevent the wax from contamination, keeping the wax lasts longer.

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